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Testimonials are an essential element for building trust. When someone visits our website with the intent of hiring an agency… you have all kinds of WIIFM (What’s In It for Me) questions running through your head. While trying to answer these questions, please see how our satisfied customers can provide the answers you’re seeking.


  1. “It is much more efficient and effective to have CBK handle this aspect of our business than try to do it ourselves. We can check our account status on their website 24-7. They have professionally trained collection representatives who are very helpful and friendly when questions arise. CBK is skilled at working with our customers in a respectful manner. They are an essential partner in our accounts receivable process” Shelli, Providence Medical Center.


  1. “We are very pleased with ease of sending assignments online and with tremendous results your company has been providing us.” Joe, Kansas Super Chief Credit Union.


  1. “CBK has been really great to work with. We did not have a good system in place to collect our delinquent accounts and had several years’ worth of unpaid fines. Tony & Darcy came out to our office, sat down with us and helped us put together a plan of action.” Bryan, City of Shawnee.

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